The Supreme Court's Aereo Decision Won't Screw Up Dish (Yet)

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The Supreme Court's decision against Aereo was a huge bummer for cord-cutters. Even worse, some content providers (coughFoxcough) were trying to use to hit other similarly awesome services as well, like Dish's "Anywhere" streaming. Good news: It didn't work. Yet.


Right after the Aereo verdict came down, Fox asked the 9th Circuit for a preliminary injunction against Dish's Anywhere, claiming that streaming Fox content without permission was just as bad as what Aereo did, and that Fox would be "irreparably harmed" without an immediate block of the service.

In its opinion, the court basically said that if Fox was really going to be irreparably harmed, it would have been irreparably harmed already, since Dish has been offering this service since January of 2012, and there's no proof it has been.

This is just the first step in the much larger Fox vs. Dish case that will kick off in earnest in January of 2015, but this decision has kept Fox from landing an early KO punch. It's good news, but the future of streaming your network TV is still very up in the air. [Ars Technica]



It was my understanding that the Aereo issue wasn't that they were streaming the Content, it was that they were streaming it at basically the same time it was aired (slight delay). The Action of saving a show and watching it after it was aired was not part of the case (or so I believe).

Aereo decided on their own to stop all streaming though they don't feel that the decision affects their whole business model. They've also sent a letter stating that since the decision basically said they are a cable company, they now want all the rights given to cable companies and to be licensed by one.

(next part is my assumption/optinion)

Once that is done, I believe they will have the right to "stream" in real time without all the cost of the antennas that they have placed everywhere. They would have access to the same system that cable companies and satellite companies have for accessing the network streams.

Also, how great would it be if everyone had basically an IP/streaming option for "cable" instead of traditional cable companies (they could start to add "cable channels" as well). They would immediately be able to compete with any cable and/or satellite company in the country without have to have any of the infrastructure.