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The SwannOne Hub Controls Your Entire House from a Single App

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Being able to control virtually everything in your home with just a few taps on a mobile device is fantastically convenient, except when you have to flip between a bunch of different apps for each individual device. But Swann's new universal hub wants to help you run the entirety of your connected home from just one application.

The SwannOne, made by Swann security, is a multi-faceted home automation system that allows users to control their A/C, lights, locks, and security cameras through the SwannOne app. What's more, the app will also be compatible with a number of professional home monitoring services, cloud storage solutions, and even audio analytics.


The system acts as a singular port for the various devices of your connected home by way of the company's SoundView Camera. The Wi-Fi device acts as both a night vision security camera and a central control hub for the rest of your home's devices. Whether that means it plays nice with other brands of home automation device (given it runs both Wi-Fi and Zigbee protocols) or only within the Swann ecosystem is difficult to discern from the press release.

We reached out for clarification from Swann who sent us back the following: "SwannOne will be available in November. Pricing and included kit information is under embargo until the product is officially available." So yes it does something, no you can't know what that is just yet. Which means I guess we'll just check back in November to see just how useful—and expensive—SwannOne really is.