Ouya, the little Kickstarter Android console that was pretty popular until people actually started using it, has had a quiet year. But a new report says that Razer, who’s had there own troubles breaking the Android-based gaming market with Forge TV, might be joining forces with the little console that couldn’t.

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TechCrunch reports that Razer, well-known for gaming laptops and peripherals, “is in the process” of acquiring Ouya, though the details haven’t been completely hammered out. No doubt Razer would use Ouya’s tech and know-how to improve their own set-top gaming system or possible forge (yeah, I said it) an all-new console. Of course, two wrongs don’t really make a right—and both these consoles have a lot of wrongs that need fixing. I guess we’ll see what happens.

[TechCrunch via Android Police]

The iPhone Selfie Phone: If code can tell us anything, it’s that the new iPhone and iOS9 will have support for a 1080p, front-facing camera—complete with flash. The iPhone 6S may be a selfie phone competitor. [Ubergizmo]


Biosecurity for All: A supposed snapshot of the exposed guts of the third-generation Moto X suggests that fingerprint authentication is coming—makes sense since Google just packed the new feature inside Android M. [Phone Arena]

Cortana’s Conquest Continues: After some pretty convincing speculation, Cortana definitely will make its way to a Android or iOS smartphone near, with Microsoft announcing that they’ll release a Cortana companion app for other platforms later this year. [ZDNet]


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