The Ultimate Lego Fan Tribute to David Beckham

As you may or may not know, David Beckham is a massive self-professed Lego lover. So what better way to showcase his most memorable moments, than with a Lego film homage. Highlights include "his red card against Argentina, the 1999 Champions League final, and THAT free kick against Greece."


This fan film was created by Mori Pictures (a Japanese animation company) over the course of two weeks, during which time Beckham's best moments were recreated with Lego, photographed with thousands of still photos and filmed. The result is truly a labor of love:

I missed him when I heard the news that he decided to retire. So, I made the movie to express my respect and tell him 'thank you so much for great memories'. He is a legend player, and also a great man.


This is quite possibly the ultimate Lego fan tribute to one of England's most-decorated footballers (who also happens to be an avid Lego fanboy himself). Beckham has said that had he not become a footballer, he'd have pursued a career building Lego. So, this tribute is quite fitting. [Goal]

BONUS FOOTAGE: Here's Beckham professing his love for Lego:

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