The Vaio P Is Now As Fast As Average Netbooks

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If you're willing to fork over $1500, the Vaio P got a slight spec jump this morning as you can now score one with a 1.6GHz Atom processor (up from 1.33GHz).


More notably, that price also includes a 128GB SSD, GPS and Verizon Mobile Broadband module. Still...$1500? That's like...a whole lot to spend for an internet connected makeup case—as pretty as that makeup case may be. [SonyStyle via Engadget]



No, I refuse to believe that this thing is anywhere near being worth $1,500. I will admit, after actually holding and using one for a bit, it really feels svelter than a lot of the other netbooks out there, but I suppose I've become completely spoiled by the general pattern that netbooks introduced. Inexpensive, albeit at the cost of power to make up for the fact that it's too big to pocket, and not big enough to do full-blown prolonged computing, and small enough to slip into just about any bag without hassle. At $1,500, I'd rather get a 13" laptop with a proper full sized keyboard and better specs and sacrifice some of the portability, but that's just me.