The Vega Revealed: A UMPC-Like Device That Runs Windows XP

That mystery Korean UMPC we showed you a few weeks back has just been de-mystified. It's called the Vega, and runs the full-blown Windows XP Operating System on it. Best yet, it costs about 700,000 Won ($700).


The UMPC-like device has an AMD Geode LX800 CPU, Windows XP Home (bleh), 256MB of RAM, a 30GB hard disk, WiFi, USB, a 4.3-inch LCD, GPS connector, and USB connectors for a keyboard and TV over DMB. It's available in September in Korea, so UMPC fans—all 58 of you—may want to wait and check this out when a full announcement comes August 10th. Maybe this non-UMPC UMPC will perform better than the ones we've reviewed.

Vega (Korean) [AVING via Navigadget via Carrypad]

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