The Woman Who Puts The Cybermen In Their Place

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Just how sexy will Miss Hartigan, the villain of Doctor Who's Christmas special, be? Watch this clip and judge for yourself. Plus there are some piping-hot new spoilers and sword-fighting pics.

In this year's Christmas special, "The Next Doctor," Miss Hartigan teams up with the Cybermen to enthrone a Cyber-King and bring on a new industrial revolution.

Meanwhile, the more we learn about the "other" Doctor (David Morrissey) who turns up in this episode, the less it seems likely that any of the theories that have been aired so far are correct. Producer Russell T. Davies says, flat out, that this Doctor isn't a con-man or a liar.

Other tidbits from recent RTD interviews: Tennant's Doctor really says to Morrissey's, "Maybe you're the next Doctor, or the next-but-one." And Tennant gives Morrissey a tour of his TARDIS, and Morrissey complains it gives him a headache. (Morrissey's TARDIS is a hot-air balloon, Tethered Aerial Release Designed In Style.) Tennant's Doctor acts as a bit of a companion to Morrissey's, asking him questions but also subtly undermining him.


And then there's this fantastic quote from RTD:

It’s proper Victorian. It’s got turkeys, holly, bonnets – and snow at the end, of course. Imagine how lovely it is having David Morrissey and David Tennant together. It’s a dream match. They’re two Doctors together, and they become a sort of team. And it’s quite sad in places. I do love a bit of Christmas sadness, and the last ten minutes are outrageous. The Cyber King comes!!! Make sure you put three exclamations marks after that, when you write it. To convey how excited I was when I said it.


Plus here are some fantastic new pics of the Doctor-Cybermen sword fight:


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