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The World's Largest LED Screen Is, Of Course, In Dubai

Illustration for article titled The Worlds Largest LED Screen Is, Of Course, In Dubai

It's not built quite yet, but Tameer Holding is constructing the world's largest LED screen in Dubai for a commercial office building named The Podium. The gigantic display will be implemented as the building's facade, reaching 33 stories into the sky and maintaining visibility up to a mile away. (Needless to say, that's a lot bigger than we are building displays in America.)But maybe the most interesting aspect of the mega sign is not its size but its practicality. Workers within the building will not become pale-skinned cave dwellers as the display promises not to obstruct the flow of natural light. Still, just to be safe, we'd probably opt for our office space to be on the other "less impressive" side of the building. [Gulf News]


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Its their money, let them spend it how they want.

(I would think it would be better invested in hookers and booze, but the Islamextremists wont allow that, so build mega-buildings, who cares.) And my camel is bigger than yours.