It's not quite as exciting as free-falling from the edge of space, but a group of 80 Lego enthusiasts in Denmark, led by Henrik Ludvigsen, now hold the Guinness Record for the world's longest plastic toy train track—an honor that will certainly look fantastic on a resume.

Inspired by his own impressive collection of Lego track pieces, Henrik put the call out for others around the world to pool their pieces and collectively set a new world record. Overall the layout included over 100,000 pieces of Lego—tracks and support bricks—spanning a length of over 2.485 miles.

It took over six hours to assemble, and it took a small Lego electric train another four hours to make it from one end of the course to the other. And given the entire trip took place inside a gym, this is probably one of those rare cases where getting there really wasn't half the fun.