The X-Men's Iceman Is Getting His First Ongoing Comic Series

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Bobby Drake’s stepping up to the big leagues. After years of being a major team player across the X-Men books, Iceman will get a comic book of his own next year.

Iceman’s had a few miniseries to his name, but the new self-titled series marks his first regular series in the character’s debut in 1963. Marvel didn’t announce a creative team for the series or any story details—presumably this will star the adult Bobby, not the teen Bobby currently running around in All-New X-Men—only that it will arrive in Spring 2017, as part of the Ressurxion banner that the new mutant-related books will share in the wake of X-Men vs. Inhumans. Sidenote: having to type the word “Ressurxion” physically pains me.


Like the recently announced America Chavez ongoing, Iceman marks an important announcement for Marvel in terms of its LGBT representation, currently a lacking area in the company’s overall push for wider diversity in its comics. As long as we can push the controversial nature of Bobby’s outing last year aside, it’s another positive step for LGBT representation in Marvel’s expansive roster.