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I play my Xbox on a 46-inch high def plasma, from a comfy couch with an excellent wireless controller and surround sound headset. Yet I still lust the nostalgia of arcade cabinets.


By Solomods, the Xbox 360 cabinet is really a retrofitted Midway cabinet from the 1990s. It's been stuffed with a stock Xbox 360 (60GB hard drive and Wi-Fi adapter), so it can play any 360 game while accepting wireless controllers should you tire of the joysticks.

But it's $2,250. And as much as I'm normally willing to drop too much money on things I don't need, I just can't justify spending that much for green flames, a lopsided neon sign and standard definition—nor can I really advise it—as much as the whole decision makes my inner 7-year-old cry. [Solomods via technabob]


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