The Zoran Ain't Some Sissified Country Acoustic Guitar

The Zoran guitar concept from designer Amit Zoran allows musicians to customize their sound using a CAD/CAM process. By assembling different sound cells (i.e. the physical parts of the instrument designed in CAD/CAM), users have complete freedom of design. For example, each string can have its own bridge and each bridge can be linked to different cells.


Each of these cells, when created in a 3-D printer, can be made in any size or shape —or with any material in order to achieve a custom sound. Zoran also envisions a website with recommended sound cell designs that musicians can use to get started. I'm not sure how plausible all of this is, but I certainly like the idea—not to mention the look of the instruments he has come up with. [Architectradure via Design Blog via Gearfuse]

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