There Are Still More iOS Users Than Android Users

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It's not about iPhone vs. Android really, it's iOS vs Android across a whole range of devices. According to tracking company comScore, Apple's platform is dominating. By its count, there are 37.9 million iOS users (including iPod Touch and iPad) and 23.8 million Android users. Some quick subtraction tallies up 14.1 million (59 percent) fewer Android users than iOS users.

What's interesting is that there's not much of a halo effect for Apple, with only 4 million (10 percent) users accessing the platform via more than one device.

Once there are dozens of Android tablets made a year compared to Apple's one that number might start shrinking though, just like Gartner expects. Also, why didn't anybody build the Android equivalent of an iPod touch sooner? [comScore via Techcrunch]