Earth from Orbit: First Atlantic Hurricanes of 2022 Arrive

Hurricane Earl formed last week just North of the Leeward Islands in the northeastern Caribbean Sea. Then a tropical storm, Earl brought heavy rain to the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and other islands, and it has strengthened this week, according to NOAA. Winds from the hurricane are now blowing at around 90 miles per hour, bringing swells and powerful rip currents off the coast of Bermuda and the East Coast, according to the National Hurricane Center.


Over on the Western coast of Mexico, Hurricane Kay made landfall along the central Baja California Peninsula this week. Parts of Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona might see flash flooding this weekend because of the category 1 hurricane, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Despite the unusually slow start, the peak of hurricane season is yet to come. More named storms might be a week away from forming, as weather conditions can change quickly during this time of the year.