There Is No Escape From Cows

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This is a message to all vegetarians and vegans out there. From rubber to adhesives to anti-aging creams to medicines to shampoo to instrument strings to plastic to charcoal to wallpaper to air filters: You can't run from beef! [Streakr]



Jesus, you should reevaluate your use of Comic Sans and obvious lack of understanding. Stick to writing about what you know like swooning over the next 'magical' item from Apple. Your articles usually include a lot of sensationalism, but this one is complete ignorance. Veganism is the best way to help the environment. With all of your tech uses you should think about e-waste as well. Do your part. Posting an ill informed article to many who might not know what it's like to be Vegan makes you a winner, but to those in the know; you are a moron.

The thing is that veganism isn't about maintaining a state of absolute purity. It's about making informed choices to refrain from using animal products so that you remove yourself as much as it is possible from the cycle that perpetuates a demand for the continued exploitation of non-human animals — and by "possible"... I really, really don't mean 'convenient'.

You read the labels of the newest iPod/Pad to see the specs, right? I do that in the store when I buy food. It's really simple. There are so many alternatives to eating meats that any 'techie' should enjoy the synthesized versions due to the science involved.

Jesus, you would be wise to read some of Matt Buchanan or Rosa's posts. They actually look into what they are writing about and are not just concerned with the amount of clicks they get.