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There Is Such Thing As a Cockroach Cam and It's Just As Gross As You'd Imagine

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you're one of those people who feel as if you're undeserving of love and/or enjoy torturing yourself for fun, here's something new to add to your self-mutilation bag o' tricks: watch a 24/7/365 Cockroach Cam. It's like watching a bunch of cam girls go about their daily lives only the opposite of that because those cam girls would actually be disgusting cockroaches that hiss and scream and make your stomach churn. It's the worst thing on the Internet right now. I also can't stop watching.

Animal Planet has a new website, APL.TV, that has live feeds of all different kinds of animals. From KITTENS and PUPPIES to ants to whales to PENGUINS to cockroaches and more, they'll have a feed for any sort of animal or critter you want to see over the Internet. Eventually, Animal Planet hopes to be the new screen saver on your TV too. Animal Planet already has deals with Samsung and upcoming deals with Roku and Xbox Live that'll bring these creeping animal channels to the big screen.

But this is a web cam dedicated to just cockroaches. The disgusting creatures of the underworld. Is there anything worse than cockroaches, actually? I'm a big rat hater and could totally do without pigeons and most scum o' the earth type animals but cockroaches are beyond gross. I guess maggots would be worse. But that's it. I'm literally watching the thing I hate second most in this world with this feed. I can't stop myself. [APL.TV via NY Times via Geekosystem]

Live video by Animal Planet L!ve