There's Finally Going to Be a Lego Watch Collection For Adults

Lego has had a line of watches for a few years now, but the designs were decidedly targeted at kids. And since the building toy probably has as many adult fans as children who love it, Lego will be releasing a new line of watches this November with designs geared more towards its grown-up fans.

That being said, no one is going to mistake any of the styles in the new line as being a Rolex or a TAG Heuer. Bright colorful plastics still dominate the motif for these new timepieces, which will come in both analog and digital designs.


Officially referred to as the Lego Watch System, the new adult designs will share a common trait with the previous kids' models in that the links that make up the watches' straps can be disassembled and mix and matched between designs. So if the new additions aren't already colorful enough, you can buy a couple of them—ranging in price from $85 to $185—and then further customize them to your heart's content. After all, Lego's all about making your own creations. [Lego Watches via A Blog To Watch]


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