As someone currently writing to you through the medium of the Internet, I can't say I really have much use for a pen on a regular basis. But if I did, I'd use one of these fancy new pens based on DC's heroes and villains, which look amazingly fancy.

The series comes from Montegrappa, off the back of a fancy Batman pen they made last year, and includes pens based on Wonder Woman (above), Batman, Superman, Green Lanter, Catwoman, The Riddler, The Penguin and The Joker - each with a clip depicting the hero or villain in question as well as being decked out in representative colours:


Pretty swish! Of course Batman is all black. The Wonder Woman one looks the coolest though.

Alas, such fanciness also comes with an equally fancy price tag, and these pens pack a whopper - each design is available either as a Ballpoint, Rollerball, or Fountain Pen, at $395, $435 and $475 respectively. That's a lot for an admittedly pretty pen! If you're interested in picking one up, you can check them out on Montegrappa's webstore.

[via IGN]

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