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These DIY Illusions Will Leave Your Friends Dumbstruck

This YouTube channel proves the art of the parlor trick is alive and well. Brusspup has reeled in almost two million subscribers with optical illusion how-to’s and science experiments. Here are a few you can try this weekend.


Tonic water contains an alkaloid called quinine that glows under a black light. But your friends will think you’ve been stockpiling radioactive Ninja Turtle ooze.


Ten ways to make a piece of paper way more interesting:

Learn how to let this wild ring thing loose in your house—all it takes is styrofoam, sandpaper and a glue gun.

And finally, combine dry ice, dish detergent, and glycerin to turn your living room into a cloud-filled dream land.

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Bobby Mace

I love “Optical Illusions”, but shouldn’t they really be called “Brain Failures”? I(as well as other scientists!) think that more accurately describes what is going on. Our brain is “Failing” to reconcile with the patterns we see, and we get this misinterpretation.