Sunny summer days have all but disappeared to make way for the crisper autumn afternoons here in the northern hemisphere; give it another six or seven months, however, and we’ll all spending lovely lazy afternoons in bikinis and boardshorts, not a care in the world—except the fact that our damn towels aren’t drying fast enough. For that, Vertty is here to help.

The geometric swathes were the brainchild of Portuguese designer, creative director, and surfer Frederico Cardoso—and they’re more than just an eye-catching accessory. A cotton-synthetic blend fabric reduces the time it takes to dry, while a clever sewn-in pouch makes stashing small valuables easy-peasy when it’s time to take a dip.


At $89 a pop, they could be considered more of an investment piece—if you can get by without losing it, it just may be the last towel you’ll ever need to buy. [Co.Design]