These Graphic Prints Contain The Text of Your Favorite Books

There are lots of different kinds of love out there, but perhaps none more pure than between people and their favorite books. You could keep a copy of your one and only out at all times, prominently placed on a shelf at home, or you could spring for one of these posters, t-shirts, or totes from Litographs, which condenses the text—all the text—into a single graphic print.


From afar, they just look like cool, colorful illustrations that hint at the storyline, but up close you can see that the drawings are completely made up of words; about 40,000 per piece. Refocus your eyes again and—holy smokes. Yeah, that's the entire once-upon-a-time to the-end right there, in legible type.

Here's a short vid on how they're made.


Litograph offers 100 different titles in 14 different genres: Anna Karenina? Don Quixote? Emma? They're all there. Browsing the collection without peeking at the names is a blast—can you guess what's what?

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