These Guys Turned the Lego Batmobile Into a Life-size Soapbox Racer

Every year across the globe Red Bull holds various events requiring competitors to build and race their own contraptions. This weekend in the UK the Red Bull Soapbox Race will get under way, but why bother even holding the event when this team that built a giant version of the Lego Batmobile has already clearly won?


Even the team’s name, You Gotham Be Kidding Me, deserves some kind of trophy. But the ‘Best in Show’ honor still belongs to their soapbox racer.

Because you can really only get Lego in two sizes—regular and Duplo—the team had to use corrugated cardboard to realize their creation. But the driver, Kristian Howson, actually works at a box store and designs cardboard packaging for a living. So the team had access to all of the materials. tools, and know-how needed to build this—except for the metal frame which guarantees the Batmobile doesn’t collapse right off the line.

Does the Lego Batmobile have what’s needed to dominate the race like it does the streets of Gotham? We’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out. But what’s for certain is that the team also has the best costumes too.


[Red Bull Soapbox Race via Brick Fanatics]

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