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These Hyper-Realistic Squishy CG Heads Are Really Freaking Me Out

Looking for a creepy and unsettling way to start your morning? No? Well, too bad, you probably shouldn’t have clicked on this story because the hyper-realistic CG experiments in Simon Christoph Krenn’s short film, Parasitic Endeavours, are going to leave you feeling a little disturbed.


The CG heads and twisted human bodies in Krenn’s experiment look incredibly realistic and lifelike, which is why it’s so bizarre to see them twisting and bouncing around like they’re made of soft, squishy silicone. You’ll just want to be careful watching the video below if there are sensitive eyes nearby, as it includes some minor nudity.


[Vimeo via Laughing Squid]


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Iron Man's Pants

Human Squidward?

Also, some of the video is NSFW ....