New images show the true color of Saturn's mysterious hexagon

This is the real color of Saturn's mysterious hexagon storm—a rotating cloud system located on its north pole, so big that it could swallow two Earths—as you would see it if you were orbiting the planet. Check out the full resolution images received from the Cassini spacecraft on October 11 and assembled by Val Klavans for the IMAX movie In Saturn Rings.


Scientists are still puzzled about the origin of its strange geometric shape, which is not present in the planet's south pole.

According to Val, the images were captured by Cassini's Imaging Science Subsystem on October 10, 2013, "pointing toward Saturn's rings at approximately 934,891 miles (1,504,561 kilometers) away, and the images were taken using the CL1, RED, BL1 and GRN filters."


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