What you're looking at here are necklaces without the chain. The pieces in Maria Jennifer Carew's LessIS series are kind of like decorative paperclips for your clothes: unconventional, yes, but clever as hell and lovely, too.

The super-simple adornments come in a ton of different bold geometries—all 3D printed, of course—and a few different materials: black and white nylon plastic are the most affordable of the bunch and come in the most variations, but the polished brass and raw bronze pieces are pretty swoony. Plus, they're unisex enough to be dudely!

A well-placed pendant on a shirt pocket looks pretty sharp.

I come from a family of jewelers, so I definitely have a soft spot for creative new ways to embellish an outfit, and these are just wonderfully done. Browse the collection here, and buy your own from $10. [Maria Jennifer Carew]