Image: Recode

Earlier today, Recode obtained some exclusive memes that offered insight into how Google’s employees really feel about Nest’s many, many problems. But while these disgruntled tech workers are busy lamenting the damage Nest has done to the Google name, they’re hurting themselves—and everyone they’ve ever loved—far more severely. With their embarrassing, shitty-ass memes.

Putting aside that the whiny Googlers in question appear to have forgotten where they work (a company notorious for buying brands, sucking up talent, and shutting down the dregs), theses memes are, perhaps, the most atrocious memes I have ever seen.

Image: Recode

You see, in the image above, Nest is represented as the vehicle railing through the lines of cars. Cars that symbolize “Alphabet goodwill.” You see, it’s funny because Nest ruined all the goodwill. Just like it ruined the cars. Do you understand? Do you see what Google has done? I’m weeping blood.

People are mad about Nest, sure. But considering the irrevocable damage done to Google by these uninspired, unfunny, and otherwise aesthetically offensive memes, the employees who made them should be turning that accusatory finger around. For the monster here is not in Nest, but in themselves.


You can see the rest of the bad memes at Recode.