These Top-Down Back To The Future Posters Are Absolutely Gorgeous

Andy Fairhurst's excellent 'Nerd's Eye View' series has given us some gorgeous new perspectives on pop culture icons - but this new series of prints based on the Back To The Future might be some of Fairhurst's finest so far.

The trio - dubbed 88mph as a set, because duh - are all united by the theme of the Delorean hitting its famously necessary speed to initiate Time Travel, offering a bridge between the two timezones Marty and Doc travel to in the films. It's a simple, yet visually striking trick. I think my favourite might just be the second one, showing the Delorean mid-flight. Check it out in all its splendour below:



And good news - each print is available for sale as of today on Bottleneck Art Gallery, costing $35 each or available as a bundle for $95. As of writing, they're not sold out, but be warned: these beauties will probably vanish quicker than a time-travelling sports car.

[via /Film]

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