They Came Together: Every Romcom Ever Summed Up In One Perfect Parody

All romantic comedies are the same—couple falls in love, couple falls out of love, couple eventually lives happily ever after, probably in New York City. They Came Together is a perfect parody that has the genre pegged.


The movie stars Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd as a couple whose story of how they met is just like a movie, only it's their life. It's basically an absurd version of You've Got Mail that follows the familiar story arc of every romantic comedy in the history of romantic comedies. It incorporates every single romantic comedy trope imaginable, and rips them to shreds while doing so. Molly (Poehler) for example, runs an independent candy store on the Upper West Side that coincidentally, Joel's (Rudd) company, a candy industry bigwig, is trying to take out. And New York City, of course, is so germane to the plot, that it's almost "like a third character," they say.

I don't know how they can even make new romcoms after this movie. It's just perfect. It does for this genre what Wet Hot American Summer did for the teen summer sex comedy. [Amazon]

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