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Thinner Kindle Coming in August; Touch and Color Still in the Works

According to a report by Bloomberg, Amazon will release a thinner Kindle this August, with a crisper, more responsive screen. But e-ink fans looking forward to the full-color, mulittouch mega-Kindle will have to wait a while longer; this week, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told shareholders that a color Kindle was still "some ways out," adding, "I've seen some stuff in the laboratory, but it's not quite ready for prime-time production."


Even if the Kindle of our dreams might not be on the horizon quite yet, these incremental but not insignificant upgrades—better screen, better form factor, etc.—serve as a reminder to customers, especially those who aren't convinced they need the bells and whistles of a full-on tablet, that the Kindle and e-ink are far from dead. [Bloomberg]

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Every time I read about a "Color Kindle", I silently chuckle to myself. I keep recalling a Gizmodo article from 3 years ago stating that whereas Color eInk is possible, it was prohibitively expensive even back then and it looked worse than an old 4 color comic. I don't see the tech evolving by leaps and bounds since then, and whereas eReaders & Tablets are the new tech fad, I'm of the opinion that the tech is still coming in at an astronomical price. Whoever started the initial rumor of the Color Kindle is probably wishing they'd kept their mouth shut, as I'm sure corporate wants them to deliver on that promise...