This 39-Inch 4K TV Only Costs $700

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Earlier this year, Seiki announced a 50-inch 4K TV that went on to sell for less than $1000. Now, the bar has dropped again—and its latest 4K set will retail for just $700.

That is crazy cheap for a 4K TV, however you look at it. Sure, it's only 39 inches, which seems a little small to take full advantage of the incredible resolution. And sure, it's made by Seiki, so it's perhaps never going to be able to compete directly with the likes of Sony.


But we reiterate: it costs $700. And when our very own Mario Aguilar got the chance to spend some time with the larger, 50-inch set, he was suitably impressed. So if you're in the market for a fancy new box but are on a budget, this could be just the thing. Pre-orders start at Sears on June 27th. [Seiki via Engadget]

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Imagine using this for a computer monitor.