This Anvil Case for Your iPhone Just Needs Casters and Band Stickers

Go backstage at any rock club in the world and you're going to find tons of anonymous-looking black boxes holding all of the equipment that bands travel with. Now you can get that legendary protection for your phone.

Above, a crazy-intense new iPhone 5/5s case from Anvil, a manufacturer of road and flight boxes for gear since 1952. The thing means business. All it needs is a couple of stickers from international airports, and a set of casters to make loading your iPhone onto the back of an 18-wheeler WAY EASIER.


If you've never spent time backstage at clubs or behind the scenes in music, you won't recognize Anvil's name, but the iconic look of the cases has surely crept into your brain from watching music documentaries, or at the very least This Is Spinal Tap.

OK, so generally we're not huge fans of cases for phones, and OK, you probably don't need Anvil-level protection for your phone. But the case is still a fun nostalgic idea, if not exactly worth your $35 when it ships late this spring. [Anvil]


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