This Artist's Fan Mashup Justifies a Toy Story 4 League

Avengers assemble! Oh wait, wrong franchise.
Avengers assemble! Oh wait, wrong franchise.
Image: All images Darrin Brege

They seek justice for toys everywhere!

A former Disney video game artist has released his latest fan mashup, merging the upcoming Toy Story 4 with DC’s comic book heroes. It’s a hobby he’s loved to do for years...going all the way back to when he was a little kid.


Artist Darrin Brege might be a creative director on advertising campaigns for his day job, but he likes to spend his spare time making mashups of his favorite franchises. While he’s done stuff for The Flintstones or Scooby Doo, most of his works are connected to Disney—makes sense, as he used to be an animator for those Disney Animated Storybooks a bunch of us probably played on CD-ROMs back in the day.

His latest creation has merged Justice League with the stars of Toy Story 4...with Forky taking on the role of Wonder Woman’s sword, because what else is he gonna do? You can check out Brege’s work in the slideshow below. (The eighth and final picture, which is a mashup of The Flintstones and that gut-busting Alien scene, is a bit graphic. Just a fair warning for those who don’t like gore.)

In an interview with io9, Brege shared how he’s always been a fan of character and show crossovers, going back to when Laverne and Shirley cameoed on Happy Days, or anytime Hanna Barbera or Rankin/Bass characters would do crossovers. While today’s mashup and fanfic communities are much bigger than the ones he grew up with, he said those kind of fan-made crossovers have been around forever. He even told us he recently found an old drawing in storage that he’d made when he was nine years old, where he’d made The Flintstones take on Darth Vader in the ultimate “stone age versus space age” battle (we included the drawing in the slideshow).

“[When I was younger], just the thought of having these two properties together was funny and cool, you know, two of my favorite things together,” Brege said. “Now with the internet, you’re just doing the same thing on a larger scale.”

Brege, who’s also a comedian and writes children’s books with his wife, said he’ll keep on making mashups as long as people seem to enjoy them (you can find his work on Instagram and DeviantArt). When discussing what he was thinking of working on next, he mentioned doing a mashup of Queen Elsa and the original Bohemian Rhapsody movie poster. It...makes more sense when he explains it.


“Let It Go-hemian Rhapsody.”

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