This Augmented Reality Dashboard May Save You From Painfully Real Crashes

Currently, my dashboard is used for three things: speedometer checks, radio, and arhythmic hand drumming. Pioneer would like to change that, thank you very much, with a souped-up in-dash augmented reality system that shows you where lanes are, recognizes cars and traffic lights, and even knows the identity of some of local stores.

The system—which goes on sale in Japan next month for $3,700—also includes a DVD/CD player, USB port and SD card reader, 5.1 center speaker, and Bluetooth, all wired into a 7-inch LCD display. To be honest, at the moment it seems to just confirm all the things you could see for yourself by just looking out the windshield. The potential for in-car AR is downright titillating, sure; just maybe not $3,700 worth. [AV Watch via CrunchGear]


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