This Awesome Ant-Man Helmet Is Another 3D Printed Delight

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I've mentioned before that 3D printing is going to be a huge boon for cosplay, and it's already showcased itself plenty of times (remember that awesome Batman suit?) - but Redditor ANAGNO's new Ant-Man helmet is one of the coolest bits of 3D-printed cosplay I've seen so far.


Not only is it a great looking replica - I really like the way it breaks apart into the back piece and the 'mask' section, to the point I almost kind of want the movie version to do it too - but it's just another brilliant example of how useful 3D printing can be to cosplayers. Months before the film is out, here's a great replica of Ant-Man's helmet, that now anyone with access to a 3D printer (and presumably the patience to put it together) and some paints, can make themselves. Open source cosplay!

Illustration for article titled This Awesome iAnt-Man/i Helmet Is Another 3D Printed Delight

All the helmet needs is a red visor, something ANAGNO - real name Stefanos Anagnostopoulos - plans to fix ahead of showing the completed piece of at London Super Comic Con later this year.

Fancy a go at printing it yourself? You can get the files to do so here, and check out a few more pictures of the print in this imgur gallery.


[3D Print via Reddit]

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Brainlock can NOT FKG reply on kinja

any comparison guides on 3dp's out there? I'm following a couple fb pages, but they're mostly for the industrial type or school printers. (feeling old? we were lucky to get computers!)

It's on my shortlist to buy one IF/when I ever get my Disability* money (after new place and transportation). I've been toying with the idea of making action figure custom accessories with it for a little extra cash on the side. One customizer friend is hesitant to start using them because it's "too grainy" and prefers casting, while another friend is currently building armor on commission, including a Hulkbuster.

*(everything's approved BUT another snag this past week. ugh. I doubt I can make another three days, much less another 3-4 years at this point.)