Ever needed to power your very own Flux Capacitor? Got any waste lying around that you need turning into exactly 1.21 Gigawatts of time-travelling energy? Well fear no more! Actually, do, because this new Mr. Fusion Replica won't actually help you with those problems.

Coming next year from Diamond Select, the 18" tall replica of Doc Brown's 2015-era clean energy device from Back to the Future I and II doesn't actually do anything than look fancy, as well as light up and play sounds from the films - and comes with an absolutely insane price tag of 400 dollars. I'd almost half expect it to dispose of household waste at that sort of price.


There's something oddly poetic about about a replica of a device meant to create energy from rubbish being so profoundly useless, but hey, who am I to judge the wild and wacky world of tie-in merchandise. Maybe you can grab a pair of those licensed future shoes to go with it, and be part of the way there to a Marty McFly costume for Halloween.

[Entertainment Earth]

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