Do you prefer your bat ears small, medium, or extra large? Not matter which way, Sideshow has you covered with their latest 1:6 Batman figure, which has more Bat-faces and Bat-Cowls than you can shake a bat-stick at.

Sideshow's 'Gotham Knight' figure is the latest in their long line of 1:6 DC figures, and is pretty swanky even without its cavalcade of faces and cowls. It does a pretty good job of using material for the suit and cape without it looking too big or bulky for the figure itself, something that can completely ruin the look of a figure. The Bat-Spandex is looking mighty fine.

But the three different cows are an interesting enough addition to the usual accessories of a Batman Figure, allowing you to depict whatever flavour of Batman stylisation you like. Me? I'm kind of a medium-ear Bats person myself. When you're done picking your favourite Bat cowl, you can even then pick from a variety of faces for the figure: Grim, More Grim, and Gritting Teeth Because He's So Grim:


I kinda wish there had been a smiley face just to break it up a bit. Turn all those frowns upside down, Bruce!

Batman also comes with a variety of alternate hands to pose holding his grappling hook, or batarangs - and there's even an alternate hand featuring a green ring of Kryptonite, just in case you want him to go toe to toe with at 1:6 Superman on your shelf.

Sideshow's Gotham Knight will be available to preorder from tomorrow morning, and he'll set you back $200.


[Sideshow Collectibles]

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