This Beach Volleyball Court Is Surrounded by 2,000 Pounds of Plutonium

The chances of you ever visiting Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are already pretty low. But the likelihood you'd manage to find your way into its specially designed, ultra-safe, and hyper-secure nuclear research facility are slim to none. Which is too bad—because it's the only chance you'd ever have of knowing the joys of playing beach volleyball surrounded by enriched uranium and high-pressure plutonium's warm, metaphorical glow.

Thanks to Foreign Policy and Google Maps, we now know that the heart of the protected lab's 820-acre facility is home to what is inarguably a makeshift beach volleyball court (a spokesperson confirmed it's existence to FP). Of course, everyone needs a little exercise, even the brave men and women handling some of the country's most dangerous substances. Still, it's hard to reconcile the fact that this little slice of Saved By The Bell's Malibu Sands Beach Club has been dropped smack dab into the middle of one of the most secure and sensitive areas in the country.


As Foreign Policy so eloquently notes, "the plant's scientists could be handling materials used in weapons capable of annihilating millions of people one hour, only to be playing beach volleyball the next." You heard 'em. Break time, boys—and please, let's leave the plutonium in the lab this time. [Foreign Policy]

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