This Bike Takes You Uphill Without Any Pedaling

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However much fun it is to barrel down a mountainside on two wheels, it's equally painful to pedal those heights in the first place. Unless you've got this 1200-watt motor kit handy. Then it's pure joyride.


The Ego-Kits E-Powered Downhill Bike Kit is a mountable motor that's compatible with 70% of bikes out there. It also includes a battery pack, crankset, chain, throttle, and charger to ensure it lasts your whole ride. Which, by the looks of this promo video, is going to be happening some pretty far-out places:

Sure, just riding to the top of a mountain might diminish your sense of accomplishment. But think of it this way: you just kicked gravity's butt without breaking a sweat. That sounds pretty accomplished to me.

No word yet on pricing or availability, but hopefully it'll be ready as soon as this particular hemisphere thaws out. [Ego-Kits via BeSportier via UberGizmo]



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