This Case Makes the Back of Your iPhone Touch-Sensitive

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Mimicking the touch sensitive pad on the back of the PlayStation Vita, the Sensus iPhone case lets you interact and play games with your handset without ever mucking up its display with fingerprints. The case features capacitive sensors on its back and right edge so there's at least one spot left where you can hold your device without accidentally triggering anything.

Some may wonder why anyone would want their phone to be touch-sensitive on the back. Gizmodo editor Joe Brown compared it to having arms on your ass. But one big drawback to touchscreen gaming is that your hand or fingers are always blocking the action on screen. So being able to still use touch controls with an unobstructed view of the display is a big plus. Unfortunately while you can sign up for a pre-order notification, the Sensus case isn't expected to be available to consumers until sometime in 2013. Although, iOS developers can sign up for a private SDK that should be available any time soon presumably with early access to the hardware. [Sensus via Joystiq]