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This Commercial Was Made Entirely in Photoshop

While this is one of those ads that leaves you scratching your head and wondering what exactly it is they're advertising (I think handwash? On Virgin flights?), it's forgiven because the entire ad was actually made in Photoshop. That's right—no Illustrator to animate those...germs?, just good ol' fashioned Photoshop.


Design studio Three Legged Legs said of their work:

"Our original plan: traditional animation in flash, still art in illustrator. Boy did that change. As we went through look development, everyone was feeling the wonkier hand drawn feel. Goodbye Illustrator. As we talked through the pipeline process with our new animator buddy Ben, he suggests "just do it ALL in Photoshop". With a flurry of keystrokes, the animation timeline was opened, and we were animating… right there… all in one program. ZOMG."


More info on the commercial can be seen over on Three Legged Legs' site, including some screengrabs of them slaving away in Photoshop. [Three Legged Legs via John Nack via PetaPixel]

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I don't even

Oh my god it must have taken forever to draw individual frames for this.

The animation window in photoshop is so limited, you're just able to go frame by frame, and all tweening does is generate more frames in between.

I have no idea how they got this so smooth.