Every year, Threadcakes holds a competition for cake makers to turn Threadless T-Shirt designs into yummy baked goodness - and this incredible entry by Kylie Mangles of Canadian Bakery Freshly Squeez'd certainly takes the Cake. Literally!

Based on 'Cutout Ralph' by RAWPOP, a.k.a Erick Flores, Kylie's cake is an amazing feat of design, but it's on a whole other leverl when you look at the way she's coloured and textured the cake in such a way that it doesn't look like food, it looks like a piece of art.

Well, it's still art, but you know what I mean. Tasty, delicious art. I mean come on, there's even thin slices of grey icing to create shadows on the base! That's a remarkable level of detail. The cake itself is made from a combination of Red Velvet cake, vanilla meringue Buttercream, and Rice Kripsie squares for some of the fiddlier bits of detailing, which probably means that poor Ralph tastes as good as he looks.

You can see an awesome gallery of progress pictures over on Imgur, but if you're interested in voting for this gorgeous Cake in Threadcake's 2014 contest, you can do so over at the entry page linked below.


[Threadcakes, via That's Nerdalicious]

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