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This Custom-Made, 1,200-Round Triple Nerf Gun Is So Big It Needs a Tripod

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There’s no better example of bigger being better than this devastating 1,200-round Nerf blaster made by combining three Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K blasters and a plastic storage container that serves as a massive ammo hopper. The result is a foam-firing Frankenstein that’s so massive and heavy you need a camera tripod to support it.

As far as Nerf mods go, Frank Cooper’s Triple Nemesis is relatively simple. The two side blasters have their battery compartments trimmed off, as Cooper replaced the 18 D-sized batteries you’d normally need (six for each Nemesis) with a couple of larger-capacity rechargeable power cells. Other than a little wiring, lots of glue and zip ties help bring the whole creation together, ensuring no one will ever want to have a fun Nerf battle with Cooper ever again.


[YouTube via The Awesomer]