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This Dark Movie Was Illegally Shot On Location At Walt Disney World

When you think of guerrilla filmmaking, gritty locations like dangerous back alleys or wartorn countries come to mind. But the black and white fantasy-horror film Escape From Tomorrow was shot on location in what is arguably one of the most controlled, most filmmaker un-friendly locations on the planet: Walt Disney World.


Writer-Director Randy Moore didn't bother asking Disney for permission to shoot the film at its theme park, because there was no way it would have given it the green light given its dark subject matter. So instead, he went guerrilla style, filming the movie with the same cameras tourists used, keeping copies of the script only on phones, and other clandestine techniques.

Already screened at Sundance and other film festivals, Escape From Tomorrow probably isn't going to have the biggest nationwide rollout when it hits theaters. But the filmmakers, who chose to edit the movie in South Korea to keep it secret, are probably just happy that Disney hasn't sued them into oblivion—yet. [Indiewire via I Watch Stuff]


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As an attorney whose knowledge of entertainment law could fill a thimble, I'm interested in hearing what theory Disney could sue these filmmakers under in order to stop release of the picture or recover money from them. Disney intellectual property is necessarily in the film if it's shot at Disney World, but if the film isn't about that sort of stuff I fail to see any grounds. Anyone with an entertainment law background care to enlighten the rest of us?