When you crack open this cardboard box your eyes will be greeted with the sight of a hot, delicious pizza covered in gooey cheese. But when you reach for a slice and don’t have to deal with an avalanche of toppings, you’ll quickly realize that the only ingredient in this pie is marshmallow.

So instead of ordering one from Firebox for your next movie night, these pizzas are probably better suited for your next backyard bonfire. Just jab a stick into a slice and toast it up over some hot coals.

Available in eight and twelve-inch sizes for $20 to $25 (sorry, UK-shipping only) the toppings on these pizzas, which come in pepperoni, vegetarian, Hawaiian, and margherita varieties, are just printed directly on the marshmallow using edible inks. The results are incredibly convincing, and even if your guests were expecting to dine on pizza, it’s hard to be disappointed when it turns out to be a giant delicious marshmallow instead. [Firebox]

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