This Enterprising Fool Has Already Started Waiting in Line for the iPhone 5 (Updated)

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Rob Shoesmith is either the smartest man alive or the most foolish. I can't quite decide. Why? Because Shoesmith is already in line for the not-even-announced iPhone 5. Stuuuupid, right? Well, he's also received $64,000 worth of goods in sponsorships for doing so.


The 29-year-old marketing executive for Medl Mobile, a company that makes iPhone apps, has camped outside the Covent Garden Apple Store in London and is using his blog to document the experience of lining up ridiculously early. Astutely, he asked companies to help him out (in exchange, he'd promote their products on his blog) and the companies have come out in troves (I guess they're the real dumb ones?)! According to the Metro News, he's been given "everything from scented candles and aftershave to use of a $32,600 Chevrolet car, $1300 worth of outdoor gear and food from top restaurants."

The publicity stunt seems to be working pretty damn well. But with still a month or two before the iPhone 5 even comes out, is Shoesmith a genius or a fool? Free stuff be damned, I don't think I could do what he's doing. [Rob Shoesmith via Metro UK via App Advice]

Update: Rob has contacted us and made clear that he HASN'T STARTED camping out for the iPhone 5 yet. He doesn't know when he will start but I think turning his camping out process into a sponsorable online auction is certifiably genius. Touche, Shoesmith. Can't knock the hustle. Read more on his blog.

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Half-dreaming, he shined his LED pen light at printed renders of the possible iPhone 5, and lulled himself to sleep. As he fell deeper, strange dreams came to him. He was wrapped in a thick underbrush, and all around him there was the sound of heavy wheezing. It grew closer, and all he could do was climb his way out of the bushes, but it never ended. Quickly darkness came over him and the wheezing became sickening groans, and in a start he woke up in his tent.

All his things were gone. His shoes, his food, his red fire bucket. All taken. Something else was taken as well, and he could smell the distinct, pungent aroma of vagrant affection over him.

The End