This Entire Video Was Shot with Google Glasses

Maybe it’s all the beautiful clothes and models, but this short film shot through the eyes of Diane Von Furstenberg and her various fashion week models and stylists with Google Glasses is wonderful.


Earlier this week, Google Glasses made their runway debut at the DVF runway show. This video was shot on the day leading up to the show, and it came about organically rather than through a sponsorship. I don’t know. I thought Google Glasses were dumb and awkward looking until literally right now. Diane Von Furstenberg made them chic. She’s amazing. The clothes she designs are exquisite, and seeing the world through her eyes for just a few minutes is fabulous.



this is cool and all but i want more than just a headset with a camera on it, I want a innovative heads up display with augmented reality, i want bluetooth to my phone, i want netflix streaming while im walking, i want android experience enhanced. I will gladly spend 1500$ on this but refine it to include apps and lets get some interface shots instead of just photos/videos taken from the perspective of a person. Why are there almost no UI screens?