This Exquisite Wooden X-wing Rocker Will Make You Miss Being a Kid

The popularity of rocking horses has seen a steady decline over the years because kids simply aren't interested in growing up to be cowboys anymore. Thanks to Star Wars, kids would rather grow up to be intergalactic fighter pilots now, so an X-wing-themed rocker just makes a lot more sense these days.


This hand-made masterpiece was created by a Deviant Art member called 'Steves Wooden Toys' and it totally affirms his skills with lumber. Made from pine, macrocarpa, and rimu wood, this tiny X-wing even includes a removable R2-D2 co-pilot that by itself could easily fetch a few hundred bucks on eBay.

Sadly, there's no indication that Steve ever intends to produce more of these to sell to ravenous Star Wars collectors, but Disney's formidable team of lawyers would almost certainly shut him down were he to try. Which is unfortunate, because every kid deserves to grow up with one of these in their nursery. [Deviant Art - Steves Wooden Toys via Neatorama]


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