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This Frozen Calendar costs 100 million Yen

Illustration for article titled This iFrozen/i Calendar costs 100 imillion/i Yen

That's a low low price of $835,800. My word. The rest of the world's obsession with Frozen might be abating, but Japan's certainly isn't, judging by this ludicrously expensive Calendar made out of pure Platinum.


The huge 30" x 20", 22lbs calendar is part of a range of Frozen-themed products from Ginza Tanaka - and is at such a premium that you have to pre-order it to be made for you in person at Ginza Tanaka stores in Japan. If you don't have over three quarters of a million dollars hanging around burning a hole in your pockets, there are smaller versions - a version with only 5 grams of Platinum in for 60,000 Yen (roughly $500), and one with a mere 1 gram of Platinum for 16,000 Yen (roughly $130). See. Something for all price ranges!

Ginzz Tanaka is know for this sort of absurdity - take this solid gold Godzilla from earlier this year for example - when it comes to licensed products, but still: Maybe they need to take a leaf out of Elsa's book and let it go.


[Anime News Network]

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Somebody cleaned up. BTW is this a licenced product? Might want to look into that.