I mean, look how big and flame-breathy it is! Only such extreme fieriness could be possible through the magic of translucent plastic stands.

This new Bandai Monsterarts figure, based on last year's Godzilla movie, is labelled as the 'Spit Fire Version', which might just be my favourite name for a toy variant ever. The figure, fully articulated and packed with detail, uses clear blue plastic not just to create the included fire effect, but Godzilla's spine fins too, which looks pretty damn rad. You can also pose the fire effect to point lower, supporting the weight sans-rod:


It's not quite as impressive, but hey, take what you get with your giant fire breath plastic. Still looks pretty damn nifty!

But the fire effect isn't my favourite picture of this new Godzilla toy. It's this additional promo picture of the figure either a), doing a goofy, comically over exaggerated walk, b), pretending to slip on an invisible, gigantic banana skin:


Spit Fire Godzilla will be out in August, for $71. An oddly specific, non-rounded price!


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