This Gorgeous Lego Sulaco Needs To Be A Real Set Like, Yesterday

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The Sulaco from Aliens is one of those all time great 'grim and gritty' spaceship designs, in parts sleek and stylish while others gothic and angular. It turns out that such beauty is perfectly suited for Lego, thanks to this incredible model built by Shannon Sproule.

Sproule's model gets the Sulaco down to a tee, but what is most impressive is the myriad textural details that make it look less like it's made out of Lego bricks and more like it's an actual model kit of the ship itself. The greebling details across the side of the ship (and especially the front, covered in enough spiky bits that the Lego Sulaco could probably also serve as a puncturing weapon in a pinch!) are rendered perfectly in Lego, but the clever techniques used to smoothen out the hull really sell it as a fantastic piece of Lego work.


The Alien franchise might be a bit too adult for Lego to consider sets based on, but man I would totally support this Sulaco build if it ever hit Lego Ideas.


[via Brothers Brick]

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